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November 2015 Retro Gaming Article

November 28, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This fascinating music video (Bad Apple) has been programmed to both NES and Atari 2600 ROMs

Bad Apple This image, labeled Bad Apple, of an NES game cartridge caught my eye as it looked more representational than real, yet it linked to an NES ROM file. Naturally, I loaded it up to see what it was. To my surprise, it was what I interpreted as a music video containing both animation and sound.

From what I can understand, this song comes from a genre of indie Japanese games, Touhou Project - specifically a series of games created entirely by one person; Zun. I discovered several variants of Bad Apple by searching through You Tube. Some of the videos linked back to the NES ROM I discovered and played on my Mac via an emulator. I went on to also find an Atari 2600 ROM featuring a scaled back version of this music video.

The dedication and interest shown in these endeavorers is impressive from a variety of standpoints from musicianship to computer programming. I'd love to know more about this to better understand how this music and animation have been replicated to so many different formats and platforms.

Original Bad Apple video.

Bad Apple coded as an NES cartridge.

Bad Apple - Touhou Cover

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