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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 25, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Even nomadic porn stars crave the immersive worlds offered only through video games

If you've never heard of porn star, Ariel Rebel (NSFW) - you really should. And not just because she's naked. She isn't your typical adult star who pumps out endless movies with no plot and bad music. She's more of an entrepreneur solo girl - a cam girl some might say, but we think she's much more than that. She's built a business for herself that affords her some options we'd all like to have. I don't simply mean endless sex :)

Her biz is primarily on the internet, so her "office" is anywhere you can find a Net connection - which is increasingly easy in the digital age. What impresses me is her ability to converse with fans and be a very genuine person. Across social media, I never get the feeling that she's promoting or selling anything. She's just there chatting it up with fans and keeping them in her loop.

She's a foodie with a food/recipe website and always has something interesting going on. Unless you knew... you might not even know her business is being naked... OK some pics might tip you off.

Ariel Rebel is Zesty & Spicy Of those options I spoke of, Ms. Rebel and her boyfriend/photographer have gone nomadic! They put their physical lives in storage and have headed out to explore the world... sometimes in the nude. With no need for a physical address, they're traveling the globe to see what is out there. That is an amazing thing to do - to be able to do! Just fantastic.

I know so many people that still live in the town they were born in and have never traveled across this country, let alone one on another continent. The world is a big place and so few of us get to see that without watching a televised documentary. How many of us could pack up our lives and take off to discover the world? It's such a rare opportunity.

Ms. Rebel is an outgoing sort of gal and will have an amazing story to tell after she's done globe trotting. She'll see more of the world than many of us are even aware of. This is why she's such a great follow on social media. Look her up from the links above and follow her adventures.

But like many of us... she still needs to play video games now and then...

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