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July 2015 Retro Gaming Article

July 3, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Another Castle was canceled two years after being funded via Kickstarter

I loved the idea of Another Castle, by Uncade, when it appeared on Kickstarter in early 2013. It was to be an indie platformer game that could randomly generate levels, thus making the game very unique each time you played through.

Uncade's Another Castle wascancelled Sadly, the game was just canceled by the developer. He had created a few mobile games, but Another Castle was to be his first really ambitious project. It sounds as though he was creating the entire game himself and the project simply became too big to complete without a team. This is my interpretation - I could be wrong.

On one hand, I feel bad that he wasn't able to create this game. I loved the overall concept and thought the art was very unique. We are all familiar with platformers, however, Another Castle didn't seem derivative of other games. It looked pretty cool on the playable demo.

It's also important to take this as a cautionary tale for crowd funding. Another Castle was funded via Kickstarter by over 800 backers who contributed over $15,000. While Uncade developer David Byers has generously offered to refund backers, that's a lot of money to accrue without delivering on the promise of this game.

I don't feel there was any deceit by Uncade, but 2 years is a long waiting period, only to find out there is no game. Crowd funding has become a very popular way to fund games that might not ever come to fruition, but it's a "buyer beware" scenario that offers little protection to those who contribute. Choose your projects carefully!

We wish David the best of luck and hope to see games from Uncade in the future. Another Castle was a great looking game with a wonderful premise. Check out some of the screen shots from Another Castle:

Uncade's Another Castle wascancelled Uncade's Another Castle wascancelled

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