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September 2015 Retro Gaming Article

September 26, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Someone didn't like designing happy homes - GameStop has a used copy the day after release

It didn't take someone long to decide designing happy homes was not for them. The day after it's release, I saw a copy of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer on the Used Game rack at GameStop.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer I wasn't expecting to like the original Animal crossing for 3DS. I got a kick out of Tomodachi Life and figured I'd give it a try. After a few forays into being the Mayor of a town, it kind of grew on me. It's a quirky game, but offers a lot of variation and the local-play options are pretty slick.

Yesterday I picked up the Happy Home Designer game on a whim since it was bundled with the NFC add-on for amiibo support. I'm curious to see how the NFC device works with some the the supported games I own and with these amiibo cards. Apparently the amiibo cards are collectible cards randomized into packs of 5 cards. Each card brings that character into your game and allows you to save info to the card and then share it with a friend.

The version of Animal Crossing again makes good use of connectivity and sharing. It takes the fun of the game and lets it involve other players. Very cool.

I see a lot of folks on social media posting pics of things they are holding in their hand. I know this is to reinforce the idea that it it indeed their picture and not some random advertising shot. I'm not much of a hand model and prefer to insert some ramdom object. I placed my Binatone Bluetooth smartphone handset in this Animal Crossing pic. ;)

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