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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 13, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The last run of 300 Analogue Nt, NES-compatible consoles, are up for pre-order

Analogue has carved out a high-end niche for themselves in retro gaming. That may sound like an oxymoron as most vintage game consoles are far from high-end compared to the current crop of high-tech consoles. Analogue makes consoles that are functional works of art - with an injection of updated features.

Analogue Nt I first discovered them when the released beautiful woodgrain renditions of SNK's AES console. From there they progressed to making beautiful aluminum NES consoles. I believe all of their creations use the original hardware as a base and then add features along the way. Their NES console, the Analogue Nt, offeres 4 built-in controller ports, HDMI output, and both NES and Famicom cartridge ports.

In addition to a beautiful console, you get some additional value. However, the time has come to move on. Having sold out of the first run of consoles, Analogue announced the final (second) run of consoles is now available for pre-order. They are not inexpensive, but if you want one - now is the time! This will be the last and final Analogue Nt production run. They are making 300 more consoles before ceasing and moving on to the next project.

In an e-mail sent to their mailing list, they cite that critical components are no longer manufactured - namely the CPU and PPU. I'm not sure I understand their statement as NES components ceased production long ago (I'd have thought).

One new facet to the second production run is the transparent polycarbonate baseplate that lets you take a look at the innards of the console. There are also some additional color choices that will add to the base price of $499. It's not a cheap console, but Analogue is definitely tapping a market that wants a few more modern acoutrements while cost is not a concern. Analogue Nt If you've followed the Analogue Nt, you may have encountered some owners claiming compatibility and lag issues. I don't own a unit, but it bears mention that some people have had these issues. It's important to remember although the Nt uses Nintendo parts and is essentially an NES, it does contain changes by Analogue. For example they added 2 additional controller orts, HDMI output, and Famicom cart compatibility. Such changes do alter it from being a genuine NES in a fancy case. Internal changes have been made that may effect opperation.

Considering it's hefty price, you may want to research these issues prior to making a purchase.

Analogue Nt Standard Analogue Nt Analogue Nt Analogue Nt shown in "Famicom red"

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