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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 19, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

amiibo are in short supply while Disney Infinity figures are routinely discounted

I inderstand that people love Nintendo. Many of us grew up with the NES or SNES (or both) and have fond memories of gaming childhoods. Intertwined with that I would also expect to find people clamoring over purchasing Disney Infinity figures. Didn't a lot of us also grow up with Disney movies and the Disney Channel?

There are mountains of social media posts about Disney Infinity's toy box mode and all the crazy stuff you can built within it. Let's contrast that with the empty echos across social media regarding amiibo game play. Does anyone use them in-game?

amiibo vs Disney Infinity figures I know that amiibo are only recenly compatible in the 3DS world with the new 3DS hardware and the Wii U hasn't been the stellar success of past Nintendo consoles, but I can't find anyone discussing amiibo game play. Everyone seems to be complaining about supply shortages and boxed figures on display shelves!

We discussed collecting vs playing amiibo, but their ever-surging popularity makes me wonder why Disney's Infinity characters haven't been flying off the shelves. I'm not fond of the Infinity game itself (despite the apparent popularity of the Toy Box mode), but the characters are really nicely done. I'd say they are on par with the quality of Nintendo's amiibo.

When Jack Skellington came out for the first Infinity game, I went downt to GameStop to get the Jack Skellington Infinity poster, free with the figure. I remember that day. GameStop was a ghost town - not a soul in sight. And that was a really cool NBX poster on heavy stock paper! Yet, very few people showed up to take advantage of a really cool giveaway.

I'm really impressed with the quality of Disney Infinity figres and think they are equally as collectible as amiibo. It baffles me that amiibo are in short supply and high demand while Infinity figures are frequently on sale. It seems as though retailers can't get Ininity figures off the shelves fast enough.

The amiibo craze makes me wonder why Disney Infinity figures aren't equally desired

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