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July 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

NASA can't convince me to inhabit Kepler 452b until Debra Farentino clears it

Someone must believe we have nearly decimated this planet if NASA is actively hunting for a similar one. I don't know the backstory to this planetary search, but it's emphasis is always on finding an "Earth-like" planet. For what purpose? Stories are surfacing in highly legitimate publications about an effort to locate Earth 2.0. It's the sort of thing straight out of a scifi movie.

Earth 2 starring Debra Farentino I've visited countless galaxies and battled aliens during the most revered era of video game arcades. During the 1980s, no creature was safe as long as I had a pocket full of quarters!

I must admit that the notion of seeking an Earth-like planet scares me. I doubt the planet will implode during my lifetime, but let's not forget the premise behind finding another suitable planet. The goal is to preserve mankind... not you or I. In other words, the race would be populated on Earth 2 while we are left behind to perish in some unimaginable Hell. Fun, right?

As an avid scifi fan, I loved 1994's Earth 2 TV show staring Debra Farentino, as Devon Adair. She heads up a group who have been sent to an Earth-like planet to begin plans for colonization... because Earth has been ruined. I loved that show and was so disappointed when it was canceled after only one season. It was really a great show. But now I feel as though we're getting a front row seat to a real-life version as NASA combs the dark distant void for a new home for humans.

In the New York Times

Here's a NYT story on finding a new Earth:
"Inching ahead on their quest for what they call Earth 2.0, astronomers from NASA's Kepler planet-hunting spacecraft announced on Thursday that they had found what might be one of the closest analogues to our own world yet.

Earth 2 trending on Twitter It is a planet a little more than one and a half times as big in radius as Earth. Known as Kepler 452b, it circles a sunlike star in an orbit that takes 385 days, just slightly longer than our own year, putting it firmly in the "Goldilocks" habitable zone where the temperatures are lukewarm and suitable for liquid water on the surface - if it has a surface."

I'll stick to my television-based Atari alien hunting for now and hope the Earth can rebound from all the atrocious things we've wrought upon it. Playing Space Invaders as a kid hasn't really prepared me for a galactic expedition that doesn't involve a video screen. My passion for Galaga brings immense joy, but few useful skills in actually saving mankind.

When I saw "Earth 2" trending on Twitter, I stared at the screen hoping it was a revival of Devon Adair's quest to entertain us. When the day comes, I'll volunteer to be the guy who stays behind to make sure Wall-E's batteries are charged. Maybe he'll build me a garbage-cube mansion!

Earth 2 books I was so taken with the Earth 2 TV show, I bought a few of the novelizations of the story.

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