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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 16, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

8 Bit Universe did an awesome chiptune cover of Taylor Swift's entire 1989 album

I still remember the day I bought my first album; Kiss' Destroyer. It set me on a track to grow up with a passion for 80's hair-metal and a wide variety of rock & roll. From Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to Van Halen and Judas Priest I loved the driving beat of those bands.

8 Bit Universe - 1989 As a kid I couldn't imagine ever liking any other kind of music. It just didn't feel right. Of course that's not how things work and along with a passion for metal, acts like Madonna and Britney Spears lured me into other genres. Then Taylor Swift came along and conquered the world with her 2014 release titled 1989.

Swift's album was so popular that Ryan Adams covered the entire LP, even releasing his version under the same title. That was the strangest thing I'd heard of in quite some time. So, let me tell you about the best thing I've heard in a long time...

8 bit Universe Covers 1989 in 8 Bit

As a retro gamer, I love chiptunes. The music from video games is so iconic to each platform that it's amazing to hear new and existing music recaptured in 8 bit tones. 8 Bit Universe has released Swift's 1989 in wondrous chiptunes.

We highly recommend you grab their 8-bit 1989 on iTunes.

Taylor Swift's album has been played constantly on radio this past year, so hearing those familiar tunes in 8-bit is a real treat. For any retro gamer, this is the definitive Taylor Swift album... thanks to 8 bit Universe. Check out the 8 bit Universe Youtube channel where you'll find everything from Meghan Trainor to Greenday. Great stuff!

It's hard not to like her 1989 album. It's catchy from start to finish and adheres well as a single release. She's sold over a million copies the first week - most artists are considered successful selling half that amount in a whole year. She also made #6 on Fortune's 40 Under 40 list, but not for her musical talent.

She stood up to both Spotify and Apple when it came to "free music" and the rights of the artists who create it. Her actions made both companies yield to her. She quickly became a hero to many who derive a living from published music.

8 Bit Universe - 1989

8 Bit Taylor Swift 8 Bit Taylor Swift 8 Bit Taylor Swift 8 Bit Taylor Swift

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