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September 2014 Retro Gaming Article

September 27, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Every time I try to identify a video game screen shot... “No, it's Becky”

I see a fair number of social media challenges in which someone on Twitter or Facebook will post a screen shot or a small element of a video game and ask their followers to guess which game it is.

Various Centipede screen shots from different consoles Sometimes it's out of curiosity while other times it's the challenge that piques my interest. Very often it's an obscure game and makes me want to play it. Other times, I see the screen shot and know exactly which game it is. But that's too easy. Sometimes the correct answer isn't just knowing it's Centipede, but what platform is it?

Despite the increased challenge, every so often I'm positive I have the answer... but I'm shot down. But I'm right! No, it's Becky.

Becky? Becky who?

I'd love to give a simple answer about Becky, but it involves a dirty little secret - a secret I'm not proud of. You may have seen our recent post about recent album releases by decades-old rock/metal bands.

I grew up loving Kiss (still do) and Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc... In recent years I'm delighted to see new studio albums by these artists and others! At the same time I've always had a penchant for pop. Part of that inclination for pop includes Taylor Swift. As irritating as some of her antics are, I like her music.

No, Its Becky Recently a Taylor Swift meme pic went viral. It shows a high school image of her with a claim that the pictured girl is named Becky and died mysteriously after snorting marijuana. Ignoring the oddity of snorting Pot, the image is clearly Swift. All commenters who state that it is Taylor Swift are met with the same calm reply: No, Its Becky.

No threats. No backlash. No swearing. Just a simple statement indicating that: No, Its Becky. Backdropped against the typical hysterical death threats that usually meet anyone with a differing opinion, the simplicity of the staunch "Becky story" support makes me smile; sometimes laugh out loud.

Often Ms. Swift turns to writing a petty angry song to answer such things. In a humorous turn, she posted a selfie to her social media in which she's wearing a shirt with "No, its Becky" stenciled across it! The paparazzi seemed to catch her out on the town in the same shirt.

No, Its Becky The selfie she posted was a mock up of her upcoming album cover.

It's nice to see someone take a humorous approach to Internet taunts. These things frequently degrade into madness. The way Swift's PR team decided to respond may also have launched a brief window of opportunity for some t-shirt sales. Check it out via Google - you can get your own "Becky" shirt if you act quickly.

Of course the internet can't just sit back with a chuckle. The base premise of the original viral post has been met with an even older Picard meme.

And regarding my ability to identify video games by screen shots... I'm usually wrong. :)

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