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October 2013 Retro Gaming Article

October 5, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

We bought Jack Skellington & got a free poster at GameStop's Disney Infinity Day

The free Limited edition poster is really cool and a nice collector's item. It's definitely worth going to GameStop for the early Jack Skellington release.

GameStop's Disney Infinity Day with Jack Skellington from NBX You know you're early when you arrive at the mall and a stream of senior citizens are teetering out the main entrance. I seldom rise early enough to witness this exercise phenomenon, but many seniors walk around malls prior to the stores opening. I smiled nicely at them as I entered the mall wondering if there would be a line at GameStop.

Whenever I hear about a "Limited Edition" item, I always assume droves of people will swarm to be a part of the action. So, I always show up early based on a nonsensical formula in my head of how many people I think will be there. This form of math is wildly inaccurate, but I still rely heavily on it. I was one of a dozen customers inside the mall and the ONLY idiot waiting outside GameStop.

None the less, I got the Jack Skellington figure for Disney Infinity and a really cool poster of Jack riding Mr. Incredible's hover board! It's 2' x 3' and printed on nice heavy paper.

The security gate was down when we arrived at GameStop The security gate was down when we arrived Saturday morning to buy the Disney Infinity Jack Skellington figure and snag the limited edition NBX poster.
Limited Edition poster for the release of Jack Skellington for Disney Infinity Here's a shot of the poster with a few figures mixed in. It's 2' x 3' and printed on heavy paper making this limited edition poster a very nice collector's item.

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