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September 2013 Retro Gaming Article

September 23, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Drive-in theaters will vanish if they don't go digital by Dec 31. Please help #saveTheDriveIn

The internet is an amazingly big place - so is the planet we live on. Staying up to date on everything is a losing battle as pixels slip through our fingers and vivid paths through local forests go untraveled. Of all the crap I find on the web and in life, I wish I could replace it with more important things.

Project drive in - save the drive-in project logo I've missed epic Kickstarter campaigns and amazing live music events that were literally taking place in my backyard. Once again I've missed an opportunity near and dear to my retro heart - drive-in theaters.

Honda was sponsoring the gift of digital projection for 9 drive-in theaters. Their Project Drive-In website allowed visitors to vote for the distribution of these projectors to existing drive-in theaters that were facing extinction without this generous gift.

There are only 368 drive-in theaters left in the US, and the majority will vanish by the end of the year if we don't do something about it.

Movie studios will stop distributing 35mm film, making a costly $75,000+ upgrade to digital projection a necessity these small businesses cannot afford.

Project drive in - save the drive-in project
I'm lucky to have seen movies as a kid at the drive-in theater where my family spent our Summer vacations. Through several twists of fate I find myself a resident of this amazingly insane Summer destination. The Wellfleet Drive-in is still going strong and has been able to make the leap to digital projection this year. In a similar testament to movie magic, the Chatham Theater where I saw countless 80's treasures has given the boot to CVS Pharmacy and been reborn to film as the Chatham Orpheum.

Chatham Orpheum theater re-opened with Jaws Regardless how ginourmous your home TV may be, chances are it isn't the same size as the screen found at your local multiplex. And I'm nearly certain most drive-in theaters boast larger screens than yours. Don't fret and don't buy a bigger TV... go out and visit your local theater.

I know Hollywood produces very few movies worth seeing, but when they do - go see it on the big screen. Let go of preconceptions and soak in the splendor of movie theaters. Then see if there isn't a drive-in near you.

My local drive-in has gone digital and offers audio via FM radio, but most of the spaces still have the mono speaker-boxes that make a retro drive-in a wonderful adventure into the past while viewing the latest blockbuster movie!

Check it out here and help spread the word about Project Drive-In! Don't let them go dark!

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