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December 2013 Retro Gaming Article

December 10, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

No one ever bricked an NES with the Konami code

Having grown up through the dawn of Nintendo's dominance of the video game industry, I ignored recent articles about Xbox One owners who thought they could invoke 360 compatibility via their game controller. What a ridiculous notion! Wouldn't that be an amazing selling point of the Xbone - playing Xbox 360 games?

Among other important issues, backward compatibility was certainly on people's minds as the details of this new game console came to view, this past year. In this 8th generation of the video game industry, neither Sony nor Microsoft consoles would play the prior system's games. The cruel reality is that these wondrous new machines can't play games that are still selling well on retail shelves.

Shoving Xbox 360 games in your Xbone Naturally, gamers want the new games and to experience the wonders after a 7 year hardware drought. But it would certainly aid general interest if the new hardware played games that are still retail-viable.

Then there is Nintendo. Their 2012 Wii U plays Wii games. Nintendo has been a champ at keeping their game libraries relevant, if not expanding, by providing backward compatibility with most new hardware releases. I can even play Game Boy carts on my GameCube! Sony and Microsoft can't begin to offer their customer-base such a wide offering.

But I digress...
So a false rumor was circulating around the web, outlining a simple series of commands to enable Xbox 360 games to play on the new Xbox One. I've been there. You want something so badly that you'll suspend disbelief and reach for the stars. When reaching for stars... best not to do so at the edge of a cliff.

As I said, I ignored this whole ridiculous episode, although I do feel bad for those who tried this method and ruined their consoles. Then I saw this hysterical tweet...

Red Button Developer Mode Atari joke The retro gamer in me had to laugh out loud. Instantly all those NES cheats came rushing back to me and I love how funny it sounds to replace the intricacies of the Konami Code by shouting "Red Button" over and over. I'm easily amused. The link in this tweet went to one of the many "don't do this" stories regarding the false compatibility hack.

Red Button Developer Mode Atari joke But there is a serious side to all of this - a lesson of sorts. Systems of all kinds are hacked & cracked in a matter of days, if not hours, after release.

If there was a controller-accessible way to allow Xbox 360 games to play on Xbox One, that info would be splashed across every major gaming site out there and eventually trickle down to CNN and other mass-media outlets. It's not likely that such a profound discovery would evolve solely on social media.

If someone makes a claim on Twitter, Facebook, or any site, don't be afraid to ask for a source or a link to corroborating info. Everyone makes mistakes now and then. If you doubt a piece of information, do some research. I'd sooner search the web for more info before trying to invoke an impossibility via a Facebook post!

As game consoles become more like computers, one has to remember you can't reinstall windows on a game console as a last resort. BTW- check out our Facebook page where we reveal a code enabling your microwave to make toast.

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