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March 18, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Another Castle: a classic platformer with roguelike randomness, from Uncade Games

If you love platformers from the NES and SNES era, Another Castle, developed by David Byers at Uncade, is coming to offer an original modern game based on the visuals of that era! As a fan of this genre I have many fond Memories of it's Super Mario-ish counterparts. Unfortunately, I'm fairly terrible at them! But I truly adore the genre and my inability to play them hinges on one of my favorite aspects of Another Castle.

Screenshot from Another Castle Screenshot from Uncade's Another Castle.
Uncade is developing an original platform game with a distinctively 8/16-bit feel to it. They have an online prototype that you can explore in a browser and a Another Castle Kickstarter campaign that will bring the completed game to a variety of consoles and devices - Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, & OUYA.

The title, Another Castle, refers to the objects of your quest. As you battle towards your reward, you'll never get it. It's always in another castle. The item becomes unlocked and available to you the next time you play through.

This is a really cool facet for replay value. As you unlock items, the don't instantly become part of your arsenal/loot until next time. I love that as a real motivator to replay value. So often I hear gamers talk of beating a game and immediately shelving or selling it. Crazy! Another Castle has a built-in reason to play again... and again.

Having stated I'm a dreadful platform player - but still a platform lover - I often rely on learning from my many mistakes and let memory guide me back to the challenge that previously killed me. this is very cool - each level is randomly based! In addition to the replay value from garnering use of unlocked items, the newness is perpetuated by not serving up the same "pathway" with each play.

Screenshot from Another Castle I'm a big SMB fan and find the random generation an insanely cool feature of the game play. If that weren't enough there is also an overarching overworld. The overworld connects a random selection of levels, as well as secret paths, mini games, and item shops.

You play as Andy and begin with a Yo-Yo until you acquire a more formidable weapon. With roguelike play in a early-Nintendo era, Another Castle seems like a cool project with great console visions - Ouya and Wii U! Check out the Another Castle Kickstarter campaign and back it if you like it. Looking forward to seeing this game, but I can't decide which console/device I'd prefer :)

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