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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 16, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Zimmer Frame Games - The Ones That Refuse To Die

Written by guest author, Matt Robinson of Console Deals

There are some games and franchises that seem to have been around since time began and still manage to bring out new games that top the sales charts. Each console seems to have its own mascot of success. Some of the longest running franchises that are still around today are some of the most popular games to date, such as Mario who started his quest actually in the Donkey Kong in 1981 and then continued on to become the mascot of Nintendo and has appeared in over 200 games!
Super Mario cart for NES
Mario's main form is in the platformer series "Super Mario", the first was released in 1985 and the franchise has sold 275.73 million copies, not doing too bad the little plumber. So people have been playing Mario on over 14 different platforms in over 200 different games, so what makes him so popular? Well perhaps it's because you can do pretty much anything you want with Mario, from driving go carts, beating up Kirby, or chomping on mushrooms, Mario can do it all.

The Mario series is still going strong we have just had Mario Kart 7, Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Bros 2 come out for the Nintendo 3DS, and the future is bright for the moustache wearing hero, with the Nintendo Wii U on the horizon and the release of New Super Mario Bros U, I believe we will be seeing Mario for years to come.

Super Mario cart for NES The Legend of Zelda is one of my personal favourite, the series is a fantasy adventure game once again developed by Nintendo, and focuses on the primary character of Link whose usual task is seeing to the rescue of princess Zelda from the evil Ganondorf. There have been 18 Zelda releases a couple of my favourites were Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask on the N64.

A feature that has made the Zelda series so popular is the complex puzzle scenarios in the dungeons that create a refreshing and unique experience in every game. The music is also another fond memory of mine, Koji Kondo has been a composer for the Zelda franchise since day 1 and can still compose that perfect piece for that frustrating puzzle.

The Nintendo Wii U will see Princess Zelda stolen again, although this time it will all be in stunning HD on Nintendo's latest console. We know little of the next Zelda game, it has not yet been officially announced but I am sure we will be seeing link again and again.

Sonic the Hedgehog Now for a game that isn't one of the Nintendo giants but was in fact the face of Sega, (and maybe still is), Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog first appeared on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991, and was Sega's attempt to compete with the growing Mario. He has sold more than 80 million copies of his series and was one of the first non Nintendo characters to walk in the hall of games alongside Mario and Link. Unfortunately for Sonic he has received a lot of stick over recent years, with endless rereleases of the original games onto different platforms that fall short of the classic experience that gamers loved so much on the Sega Mega Drive, I don't expect to see sonic games around for much longer and perhaps will only be released as downloads for Xbox live and other such services.

Final Fantasy developed by Square Enix has been around since 1987 and is still a very popular series today; originally they were only released on the NES and introduced tons of RPG concepts that we are so familiar with today. The Final Fantasy series is now up to Final Fantasy XIV and the Japanese fan base for the games in still huge, it has had a number of anime series produced and also some spin off games such as Kingdom of Hearts.

The Newest game, Final Fantasy XV of course, has been behind closed doors for some time and speculation suggest that the series will be returning to the Nintendo platform that it moved away from in 2001, with the main series of the game being release on Sony's PlayStation 2. Final Fantasy still has a huge fan base and who knows just how many Final Fantasy games we could get? Final Fantasy XXXX?

The Nintendo Wii U seems to be a redeeming feature of most of these classic franchises and I am very much looking forward to seeing them in HD and with the use of the Wii U game pad just how different can they make these aging franchises?

About the author:
Matt Robinson is a game-nut for the most part, and sometimes finds time to be a father and a husband. In between these jobs, he can occasionally be found working at Console Deals.

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