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November 2012 Retro Gaming Article

The adorable Wii Mini invades Canada (en route to NA?) dropping GameCube compatibility & wifi

Nintendo Wii Mini The Nintendo Wii Mini ($100) is just a bit bigger than a game disc and features an all-new design with a manual release, top-loading disc tray, a red and black color scheme, and a matching red controller. There's still no GameCube compatibility (like the Family Edition releases) or Internet capability. It's Canada-only for now.
As the advent of the Wii U drew near, the web was buzzing with the notion that a cheaper, scaled back Wii would be eminent. Many manufacturers release inexpensive variants of consoles to keep sales and interest during times when consumers are debating the current system or waiting for the new model. The Wii Family Edition seemed to be the answer, but it lacked GameCube support and wasn't really priced to sell.

The Wii Mini seems to be arriving a bit late in the game and only in Canada, for now. Odder still is the lack of internet connectivity. What!?!

On the other hand I loved the GameCube and never needed the modem adapter. Several people have pointed out that the Nintendo online shop (Virtual Console and WiiWare) is very underutilized, so nuking the wifi to lower the price may make this a good choice for kids and families.

I can't lie - It's cute and I'm sure I'll get one at some point :)

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