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April 2012 Retro Gaming Article

April 2, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GameStop is creating a used Skylanders market by reselling used figures

Finally, my son and I found 6 Skylanders figures on retail shelves that we hadn't seen before. When I say "before" I mean since Christmas! We went to WalMart, Toys R Us and 2 GameStops. We asked the various clerks what the problem had been, they all reiterated the same tale... obviously they didn't know.

Broken Stump Smash GameStop had some interesting news...
GameStop will now buy your used Skylanders figures for resale. The used game market now has some bulky companions destined to take up more retail space than any corporate HQ would like. Stump Smash requires a lot more space than a PS2 disc in an envelope.

An odd request that they stressed very intently was that figures could not be traded in unless they were reset - no upgrades. That's easy enough to do, but what's the point?

For some gamers, it might be fun to buy a used figure to see what upgrades came with it. Others may want the challenge of building up the character's powers. I found the request odd because GameStop has always sold current-state memory cards. They don't require traders to erase memory cards, nor does GameStop erase them prior to resale. And... how would they know anyway?

My only issue with this is: when was the last time you bought a used game from GameStop that wasn't badly scratched? I've bought MANY used games from them that were so badly damaged they wouldn't play. Their liberal return policy is mainly due to the abysmal quality of their used games. Are we to expect any better from this newfound Skylanders figure business?

How many busted-up Skylanders do you think you'll see in GameStop's familiar "Used Product" baggies?

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