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November 2012 Retro Gaming Article

November 24, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Turkey Chase for Android & iOS will change the way you think about basting a Butterball- from Happy Badger Studio

Happy Badger Studio logo I rarely get excited about mobile phone games. I love my DS, but tend not to use my phone for gaming. Turkey Chase from Happy Badger Studios is one of the exceptions. I dig this game!

Available on iPhones and Android, this Thanksgiving-themed game lets you descend into an 8 bit scene in which you are a turkey trying to evade hungry pilgrims who want to turn you into a meal. The developers purposely set out to create a simple game with a vintage Atari feel and they succeeded. It's almost unnatural to be controlling an 8-bit turkey via finger swipes - shouldn't I have a joystick?

As he runs frantically, guide your turkey around various obstacles as you finger-swipe the pilgrims to slow them down. Your goal is to see how far (there's an onscreen distance meter) you can run before meeting your Thanksgiving demise.

I love that they wanted to create a game with an 8-bit tribute and pulled it off with Atari-esque flair. So many games get lost in the mix with the plethora of mobile games available. If you like retro gaming, this is worth a look and the 99¢ fee.

Check out Happy Badger Studio' s Turkey Chase on iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Happy Badger Turkey Chase mobile game screen shot

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