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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 26, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Traci Lords has done it all and now adds Hitman Absolution's Layla Stockton to her resume

Hitman Absolution PS3 The Hitman series, from Danish game developer IO Interactive, began in 2000 and has spanned computers and consoles from the GameCube to PlayStation and Xbox. Traci Lords found notoriety roughly 15 years earlier in the adult industry where controversy forced retailers to suddenly yank their best-selling VHS titles from their shelves. She could easily have reverted back to "Nora" and lived a quiet life in obscurity, but she didn't. Not even close.

In 1988 a film called Not Of This Earth came to my attention, starring Traci Lords. She was back, she could act and she was still Traci Lords! This was just a year after Traci I Love You - her first adult film as a legal adult - came out on VHS and LaserDisc. In 1990, she was cast in John Water's Cry Baby and put her career on the map. She later appeared in Serial Mom, Blade and TV series First Wave. In 1995 she released an album, 1000 Fires and quickly wound up on the Billboard charts at #2 and #11. This girl plays to win.

Traci Elizabeth Lords In 2012 Traci makes her return to video game voice-over in Hitman Absolution as Layla Stockton. By "return", I mean she's been here before on a reboot of one of my all-time favorite games Defender! An arcade hit in 1980, Defender sold over 55,000 units to become Williams' best selling arcade game that went on to grace many home gaming consoles. In 2002 Defender - Saving the Human Race came to GameCube and PS2 with Traci Lords voicing Commander Kyoto.

Whether she's Layla Stockton, Commander Kyoto, Jordan Radcliffe or Rikki Abbott... we dig Traci Lords! Williams Defender arcade marquee

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