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May 20, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Derek Slaton's The Sega Master System Encyclopedia aims to be the definitive book on the system

The Sega Master System Encyclopedia by Derek Slaton There's no shortage of books written about video games, the industry or it's prominent figures. There is however a shortage of good books on these topics. Too many "game books" take a wide focus or feel disjointed as though they've been compiled from various gaming articles. I prefer focus and depth. I love gaming books that take a unique element and delve into it with good tech information while remembering that video games are fun.

Derek Slaton's book, The Sega Master System Encyclopedia, aims to be the definitive publication on the system. I love the idea of this book because much has been written about Sega and their long journey through gaming, but to point the focus on one system is very enticing.

Many folks think "Genesis" when they hear "Sega". So to dig into an encyclopedia dedicated to the Sega Master System and it's game library sounds good to us! I'm looking forward to learning more about this system.

Info and sample pages can be seen on Slaton's The Video Game Archeologist website. It's available in both print and digital formats. Check it out!

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