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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 12, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Don't suffer from Spice Loss. Discover in-game content & prizes via Slim Jim

Slim Jim gamer contest With prime-time television commercials riddled with dick-pill advertising, it's nice to see someone targeting a far greater cause - Male Spice Loss. I have to admit I gravitate toward chips when traipsing the snack aisle. There's something about a long stick of dehydrated meat that doesn't always register positively in my brain. However, I can assure you that biting into said stick does release a wave of goodness throughout my conscious being.
Slim Jim mascot costume
Most "chips" are not game compliant as they leave my hands with various residues that don't bode well when these gritty substances invade my joysticks and controllers. Whether I'm awaiting my turn while Player-2 battles onslaughts of aliens or I'm briefly hiding from the Qotile in the Neutral Zone, I want to be able to snag a quick hand-to-mouth snack that won't soil my joystick. Slim Jims leave me spiced and ready to game without contaminating my gaming accessories with detritus or unknown sticky crap.

An article in Today's New York Times fleshed out the plight of the spice-deprived and gave mention to how the Slim Jim folks are engaging gamers with the help of Electronic Arts (EA Games). Codes inside Slim Jim wrappers can be inputed to win content and prizes.

Countless times I've had to wipe orange snack-dust off a joystick, all the while wondering if my desire for a cheese-like snack justified the necessary post-game joystick wipe-down. Had I simply tossed a bucket of Slim Jims on the table, I'd have been nourished and sanitary.

Check out the Slim Jim website. They've done a nice job of creating an amusing and engaging site that is eminently better than most brand-oriented sites.

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