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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 23, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Skylanders Giants accessories descend on stores | Battle Arena, dog tags, trading cards & controllers

Having marked October 21, 2012 on my calendar, I knew a trip to Toys R Us was at the top of my agenda this past Sunday. Our local TRU opened at 8:00am. While I was peacefully slumbering, kids were ransacking the festive Skylanders Giants store display as they snatched up new Giants figures, game packs and accessories.

Well rested, I rolled in around 10:30 delighted to find that the shelves had not been stripped bare. In fact TRU seemed to have ample stock to keep the shelves full at least until lunchtime rolled around. They were out of the Portal Owners pack for Wii, but I was able to get all the available figures and a few accessories.

I was particularly impressed with the Battle Arena and dog tags.

Skylanders Giants Battle Arena
When my son & I play Skylanders, we each have a character on the portal and a mass of figures-in-waiting scattered all over the table. This simple plastic add-on has a spot in the middle for the Portal and 16 figures can chill out around the edge. Good organization!
Skylanders Giants Battle Arena
Element symbols and platform light up for ultra cool Skylanders fun. Stage and display an army of Skylanders ready to put in to the action. Features a power cords pass through for the Portal of Power.

Skylanders Giants Dog Tags
Lately I've been buying Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space dog tags. Each one has various bird & pig images on metal dog tags with a short neck chain. I was pretty stocked to find similar foil packs for the Skylanders Giants!
Skylanders Giants Dog Tags
Some of the images appearing on the Skylanders Giants dog tags.

Skylanders Giants controllers
Each platform also has branded Skylanders Giants controllers.
Skylanders Giants trading cards
I didn't see any of these at Toys R Us, but Topps is making Skylanders Giants trading cards that come in foil packs.

Skylanders Giants trading cards and dog tags
On a later trip to Toys R Us I found these combo boses of Skylanders Giants trading cards and dog tags for $17.95.
Skylanders Giants trading cards and dog tags
Skylanders Giants trading cards and dog tags single box.

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