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December 2012 Retro Gaming Article

December 4, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

How many terabytes is that NES game? Retro gaming hard drive cases add mass-storage to old favorites

There are loads of iPhone cases on the market to make your phone look like everything from R2D2 to a block of wood. There's no shortage of creativity in masking your Apple device, so why hasn't this fad extended to other devices of standard form-factors?

The folks at 8 Bit Memory hav managed to fit external USB hard drives into Nintendo NES carts. Pretty cool to store several gigs of retro ROMs on a drive housed in your favorite NES game's case!

8 Bit Memeory logo for Nintendo hard drive cases
Seeing a USB port on the side of an NES cart sparks the imagination. You can get increasingly larger hard drives for laptops, so it stands to reason one could wedge a hefty drive into almost anything.

8 Bit Memeory Nintendo hard drive cases With the average NES game weighing in around 175K, it's fun to think about terabytes of storage fitting into an NES game cart.
We're glad 8 Bit Memory chose NES carts. Very iconic and a slick add-on to have next to your computer. Of course the more one thinks about it, the more likely you are to want that big fat hard drive inside your favorite game cart. MegaMan? Bionic Commando? Street Fighter? The list goes on and on. With a large library, your specific game title may not be available, although I'm sure they'd hook you up if you sent in a donor-cart.

For those Do-it-yourself fanatics, you can get some case building instructions at Indestructibles. This way you can get your hands dirty and use your own special game cart and prove that crafting isn't only about colored paper, doilies and glue-sticks.

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