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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 10, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro City Rampage: OUT NOW... but not for WiiWare

Retro City Rampage I'm not terribly alert at 7:00am. I'm usually awake, but still in that state of denial that it may really be time to get out of bed. This concept was a double edged sword this morning when I got an email from Retro folks at City Rampage, with a subject line that read, "Retro City Rampage: OUT NOW!"

That news is absolutely reason enough to get out of bed and see if my Wii will be able to connect to my router with anything resembling speed. But I was still in bed, so I read a little further before committing my self to really being awake and in any condition to begin facing the world. I'm glad I read more because I really wasn't ready to face anything, except my Wii. As it turns out, Retro City Rampage was out for PC, PS3 & Vita. That's swell and I've heard amazing things about this game - from reviews, to several awards.

Dammit - I want it on WiiWare. All in all, I would have been pissed if it had been out for Wii since I just downloaded Zombie Panic in Wonderland and would be a few hundred points short of being able to snag a copy of Retro City Rampage. I went back to sleep... wishing this awesome sounding game would appear for WiiWare.

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