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November 2012 Retro Gaming Article

November 30, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Angus Young became a Jedi by learning the gaming alphabet (backwards in the mirror)

AC/DC Pinball machine
AC/DC pinball machine from Stern - the folks who gave us Berzerk in 1980. In my arcade days of the early 80's there were 2 kinds of arcades: The kind that spent more time selling hot dogs and the kind that had pinball machines. So many of the arcades of my youth were all about the latest video rage and often didn't have pinball.

I always suspected that the arcades without pinball simply didn't know how to repair them. Pinball is awesome, but nothing spells demise like tons of moving parts. These days pinball machines can be harder to find than an arcade of any sort. Hopefully retro fever and current production machines like this AC/DC machine will keep pinball active in as many places as possible.
Bikini'd Jedi warrior Star Wars
Most Jedi don't possess her laser repelling bikini.

Gamers alphabet
"A" is for Atari... and so goes the Video Game alphabet. Kindergarten teachers take note.
What sexy iphone self-shots usually look like
Apple didn't know what they were starting when girls began aiming their iPhone cameras at mirrors. Ladies, check your pose so you don't end up looking like this! :)

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