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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 22, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

October Playmate shines spotlight on Gamer Girls by touting her hardcore-ness

The term "Gamer Girls" likely spawned from some marketing executive's discovery that gaming was being enjoyed outside the male teenager demographic. As women have become more prominent in gaming contests, expos and sales statistics, they've also become a topic of speculative journalism seeking to find a new focus to report on.

Female celebrities who mention an interest in video games suddenly gives the mainstream journalist a new angle. "She" not only stars in a blockbuster film, she plays video games. Wow! (insert sarcasm). Too many of these stories are rooted in 3 hours of Super Mario at a sleep-over party. There are so many real gamer girls out there... why can't journalists find them?

Pamela Horton, Playboy's October Playmate touts herself as a hardcore gamer When you mix in nudity, their visibility skyrockets! Girls who game (in the eyes of newsmakers) are suddenly much more interesting when accompanied by nude photos. Meet Pamela Horton, Playboy's October Playmate. She not only touts herself as a hardcore gamer, she wants to get into the gaming industry as a character designer! From print, podcasts and videos, everyone wants to interview Pam.

Let's be clear - we'd love to interview her too, but we lack the necessary connections to do Playmate interviews even if we relegate our agenda to asking her high score on Joust and Dig Dug. Oh wait - she was born in 1988.

Rumor has it she's a die-hard World of Warcraft fan, plays a lot of League of Legends, and recently put 38 hours into beating Final Fantasy XIII-2. Gotta like a gal with those stats and her gaming accomplishments are far more telling than the traditional "measurements". Her background in art could be a good entry point into the gaming industry.

So why don't we hear more about engaging gamers like Pam Horton? Ignoring that she has a lucrative gig being naked, her interviews lead us to believe she's the real deal - a hardcore gamer! We can think of several others, but all the "news" one reads makes female gamers seem like some elusive species. In this day and age, everyone (OK, most everyone) games. Finding interesting gamers - topless or otherwise - shouldn't be too difficult.

The next obvious step is introducing Retro Gaming to tykes like Pam who were born just as arcades were falling from grace. Women of her generation need to be exposed to vintage Atari, Stern Konami and Centuri among others and the myriad of home console games they spawned. Over here at 8-Bit Central, we feel that even the most ardent Xbox supporter could benefit from gaming's history in the form of playing the games that enabled a following from which Xbox derives it's audience :) Pamela Horton, Playboy's October Playmate touts herself as a hardcore gamer

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