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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 14, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Dropping a Kindle into the toilet is survivable, but a PadPivot will save you from soaking your iPad

Whether you keep a stash of reading material next to your toilet or take the morning paper into the bathroom, the digital age is upon us. At some point you may have to break down and read your favorite magazine or newspaper on a tablet.

Despite the onset of everything going digital, its simply a matter of time before you are balancing some sort of electrical device on your lap as you "do you business" as they say in polite circles; circles I don't socialize in since I'm more prone to be "taking a shit".

So, anyway...
Dropping a $70 Kindle into the bowl would be bad. Seeing that fancy new smart phone, or worse still your iPad, take that fall would be fiscally devastating. None the less, reading in the bathroom is likely to remain popular even as the publishing world races to stay ahead of the curve. You must as well and the folks at Rocketfish have created the PadPivot Go Anywhere Stand just for you.

PadPivot Go Anywhere Stand
Through its SureGrip nano suction technology, PadPivot "aggressively adheres to glossy surfaces". PadPivot's uses also extend beyond the bathroom. It can also help you follow recipes while cooking, bring up chords while fumbling with your guitar, or video chat as you do cartwheels around the room.
take your tablet e-reader into the bathroom
This iPad Accessory Takes the Throne. It's time to upgrade that warped copy of The Darwin Awards you keep by the can with PadPivot, the mobile device stand that lends hands-free support to your iPad, e-reader, tablet, or smartphone.

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