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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 31, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

New Android Gaming console, #Ouya, reaches 1st production run of PCBs

Now slated to run on Android's Jelly Bean version OS, the folks at Ouya reached a hardware milestone - receipt of the first run of production PCBs. For those of us who've collected, assembled and/or repaired a beloved arcade game in it's original cabinet, we're accustomed to enormous PCBs, often stacked 3-deep. The small size (relative to the can in the picture) looks pretty sleek and small.

production run of first Ouya PCBs
It's nice to see that they take time to update their kickstarter backers. Their undertaking in creating a new gaming console is huge, so it gives me great confidence that they update us on progress. As their March delivery date looms, I get curious about progress.

They gave a shout out to their first kickstarter backer. Apparently #1 wasn't someone close to the project itself - just a believer. It would be pretty cool to hold that title as the Ouya gains momentum and grows. That kind of ground level access is pretty rare in gaming. Who wouldn't want to say they were the first one to help bring a new gaming console to market? :)

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