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November 2012 Retro Gaming Article

November 15, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Nifty Nate combines retro ethics with 80s arcade games to satisfy customer computer repairs

Real arcades are about as hard to find as a business that supports any form of ethics. Remember the days when repair shops actually wanted to help you out by fixing your TV, appliance or stereo? These days, box-stores urge you to throw away last year's model for a spiffy new one.

We came across a local business touting it's adhesion to ethics that are long gone. Nifty Nate's Computer Repair compares their customer service to that of the 1950s. Yeah, you really have to go that far back to find any hint of ethics in business. Nifty Nate's takes that 50's spirit and applies it to solving problems for customers rather than simply selling them something they probably don't need.

Nifty Nates Computer Repair What really caught our eye was one of his ad banners that offered a free tune-up if you beat the high schore on one of his in-house arcade cabinets. Forget Dave & Busters, we're going to Nate's for some Space Invaders while he cleans all the junk off our hard drive.

The modern day crooks of Wall Street and the healthcare industry are doing there best to lower standards and expectations. No one is surprised when their stock portfolio tanks or their insurer refuses to pay a claim. Getting ripped off is the new "fix". No one gets rich by putting in an honest day's work. Riches are reserved for those who hire enough lawyers to remove the need for them to do anything beneficial in return for your hard-earned dollars.

It's refreshing to see someone is still willing to be helpful in their quest to earn a living!

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