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May 13, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari pushes Mothers Day down the 8-bit path

Seeing the Atari logo in a modern context I long for the days when oxidized cartridge contacts needed a quick scrub before Spider Fighter would spring to life. These days, Atari is about Flashback licenses and iOS games that capitalize on the era when Atari ruled arcades and the home video game console market.

Just in case you'd forgotten to snag a Mother's Day gift, Atari is pumping in-boxes full of 8-bit ideas for Mom. Whereas I applaud any Mom who would love playing Missile Command while waiting on line at the Bank or spend her lunch hour with a sandwich and cellular variant of Pac-Man - I'm skeptical about iOS games reigning over standard Halmark-approved items for Mother's Day.

I'm not one to judge, so if your Mom is down with the classics - go for it! But if she's like most Moms, I'd avoid presenting her with a digital present that's conveniently loaded on your phone. ;)

Atari for Mothers Day
BTW... Happy Mother's Day!

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