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May 13, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Forget Time Magazine- Are YOU Mom enough to let your kids play video games?

I saw this image and concluded it was a PhotoShop'd gag, but came to realize it's a real cover story about breast feeding a la attachment-parenting. Naturally, I feel compelled to say something :)

Time Magazine has the balls to ask if you're Mom enough I have to admit that years of exposure to porn has not sufficiently numbed me. I was shocked by the idea of attachment-parenting and by this image itself.

For all the parents who think video games are bad and breed evil intentions in the kids that play them - take a good look at this picture. This kid will be traumatized for life, especially when he awkwardly discovers that his friends have juice-boxes while he's unknowingly living out teenage MILF fantasies.

I'm not one to dole out parenting advice, but I tend to avoid things that seem creepy and make me cringe.

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