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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 15, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Zines used to be so prolific, now a rarity. Check out this new retro gaming zine: Hold Reset

retro gaming zine: Hold Reset The 80's were a magical time full of insane arcades, video game console wars and music that still reminds me of all the crazy things we did in that awesome decade. Then there were the zines. Hundreds of them. Zines covered every topic from the myriad of punk rock bands to skateboarding and random insanity. Self publishing yearnings and Xerox machines made zines a cut & paste (with actual scissors) tribute to any topic the mind could dredge up.

I remember kids selling cheat-code zines in local arcades. Crazy times. But where did all the crazy go? Did all those self-publishers grow up and get real jobs or something? Desktop publishing, which long ago gave way to desktop video, fueled by Quark and PageMaker kept readers in the know about everything that was underground. Finding a good zine (or any zine) these days is rare. A few brave souls who understand the power of print and the reward of seeing one's creativity influence others, march on.

Check out Hold Reset, a retro gaming zine written, compiled and published by members of the Queen City Retro Fun Club, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is the first issue and is dedicated to the greatness of the NES, its outstanding library of games and the impact and influence it has had throughout the development of the video game medium.

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