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November 20, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

GTA 5 for Wii U? Probably not, but I want Nintendo's market perception on par with all of the consoles

One of the premises of the Wii U was to make development easier so that games ordinarily created for Sony and Microsoft could just as easily be ported to the Wii U for maximum exposure across all the major consoles. Nintendo has always been the odd-man-out when it came to multi-platform game releases. Developing for Nintendo hardware always necessitated making a separate version in parallel with those for Sony and Microsoft.
GTA 5 inspired by iPhone self-shots
Advertising takes an iPhone cue and goes from the Bathroom to the home console :)
Many companies are willing to do this, but it's an added expense that absolutely must show a return on the investment. In these tight economic times, every development dollar has to generate sales.

Nintendo has traditionally been more of a family-oriented company. They've had their share of controversy over mature content, but in this generation of console development, Sony and Microsoft have branded themselves as the platforms for mature titles and Nintendo has filled the gap for the E, E10 and T consumers. Sure there's a lot of crossover, but Nintendo has catered to kids more than any other manufacturer.

What about the Wii U? It's supposed to be simpler to develop for and remove the past aggravation of releasing games for Nintendo hardware. We can only hope this is the case and that the Wii U will gain more brand awareness with gamers seeking mature titles.

An article in The Examiner suggested that GTA 5 is still a possibility on the Wii U and that Nintendo is trying to broaden their offerings. I hope this is the case as Nintendo really can't replicate the original Wii demographic and begin to compete with the other consoles for market share.

I was initially very turned-off by the original Wii ad campaign. Creepy businessmen showing up at a slumber party saying they want to play was just weird. Aside from the peculiarity of these ads, they clearly showed the Wii as a children's toy. I always felt those ads permanently branded Nintendo as the "toy" option to real video gaming. It gave the feeling that computer retailers sold PlayStation and toy stores sold Wii.
Grand Theft Auto 5 ad
Grand Theft Auto 5 ad.
self-shot girl with an iPhone
It isn't hard to see the Apple-induced inspiration for this particular GTA 5 ad :)

I'd love to see GTA 5 for the Wii U, but more importantly, I want to see developers of the traditionally mature titles excited to broaden sales onto Nintendo hardware and add "Wii U" to the bottom of their advertising as an option along with PS3 and Xbox. Everyone will still have console exclusives, but I want to see Nintendo's branding and marketplace perceptions on par with the other game industry manufacturers.

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