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June 2012 Retro Gaming Article

June 4, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

While E3 ramps up in CA, NH offers the International Classic Video Game Tournament at FunSpot

E3 isn't the only gaming attraction this week. As most industry insiders wander the halls of E3 soaking up the upcoming awesomeness in the gaming industry, players congregated at the largest arcade in the world - FunSpot in New Hampshire. An article in the Arts section of the New York Times featured a picture of kid next to an arcade cabinet with the caption: "Zachary watches his father at the International Classic Video Game Tournament".

Now, isn't that the way it should be - kids watching their fathers rack up impressive Defender scores?

International Classic Video Game Tournament at FunSpot

Hailed as "The Mecca of Classic Gaming" by MSNBC, The American Classic Arcade Museum at Funspot is the first 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and displaying vintage coin-operated amusements and their history. Located on the third floor of the immense Funspot Family Entertainment Super Center, the museum celebrates the origins of the arcade industry with popular games from the past. Asteroids, Pac-Man, Centipede and Gorgar are just a few of the nearly 300 games inside ACAM. The museum also contains static displays of game history and the walls feature many posters of vintage arcade games.

My kind of place! :)

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