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May 12, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The gap between 1st & 2nd place in Maxim's Gamer Girl Contest is 42,000 votes. Go @TradeChat!

Maxim's search for their first official Gamer Girl is still in it's first phase and already TradeChat is 42,000+ votes ahead of the 2nd place contestant.
Maxim's Gamer Girl logo If you've seen Tradechat's YouTube Channel, it's easy to see why she's light years ahead. Her videos are prolific, engaging and span a variety of topics although most are gaming-centric. The best thing is she's really a gamer!! Pink hair goes a long way too - gotta like that!

I'm confident we'll be seeing her hosting something on G4 in no time, not to mention the Maxim exposure. Go vote for TradeChat as Maxim's Gamer Girl.
Maxim's Gamer Girl Contest- TradeChat is 40,000 votes ahead Maxim's Gamer Girl stats

Smart gal! She offered various voter rewards including- "35,000 votes: Video of me on my channel dancing around in my rainbow fluffy outfit". This video alone makes us want to vote repeatedly for her.

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