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June 2012 Retro Gaming Article

June 5, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Maxim's Gamer Girl contest is down to 3 finalists. Will TradeChat's massive fan-base come through?

Maxim's Gamer Girl Contest- TradeChat is 50,000 votes ahead When Maxim decided to have their first ever official Gamer Girl, they solicited contestants to register, then let rabid fans vote for their favorite. As you can imagine, hundreds of applicants signed up - most of whom didn't seem to have ever played a video game in their lives.

Soon a clear winner emerged and surged ahead of the competition - way ahead. This is where we first discovered TradeChat (aka Panser). When most of the more successful girls attained 2 or 3 thousand votes, TradeChat had over 40,000. Yes, forty thousand! She didn't stop there and went on to out-pace her competitors by more than 50,000 votes! If you view Tradechat's YouTube Channel you'll see why she shot ahead in this contest.

The chick is the real deal. She is more of a gamer than most of us. With a huge fan-base of gamers and folks who dig pink hair, she'd seems almost destined to become Maxim Magazine's Gamer Girl. Go Vote for TradeChat!!

Maxim's Gamer Girl contest

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