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December 2012 Retro Gaming Article

December 1, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

It's not a game- it's a band! Unleashing #chipTunes on Nintendo DS and Game Boy handhelds

Korg DS + for Nintendo DS I remember seeing this Korg cart at GameStop for the Nintendo DS and it stopped me in my tracks. I primarily consider the DS more of an amusement than a device for which Korg would release software. I wondered if someone had licensed the "Korg" name and plastered it onto some sort of synth cart. Apparently not!

This really opened my eyes to the chiptune scene - I'm still learning, but the venture has revealed an insane amount of creativity by those who know how to turn old computers and game consoles into a "band".
Korg DS + for Nintendo DS keyboard screen
Modeled after Korg's MS-10 synth, this is a slick cart that musicians will dig. This isn't a game cart and may be too much for the average person interested in chiptunes. There are 3 instruments: 2 monophonic synths and a 4-part drum machine. AQ Interactive has done a nice job replicating the original MS-10 and it sounds great. There are many limitations, but if one were to force a synth into a GameBoy-ish device, this isn't half bad. I can't attest to much of this, but I'm told this is true - by those in the know.

This cart is an upgrade that adds a Dual Mode for those with DSi units. However, don't discount that old relic - GameBoy. Vintage GameBoys have a relevant role in today's chiptunes thanks to devices like SYNTHBOY+.

SYNTHBOY+ is an interface dock that converts a Game Boy into an 8 bit sound machine. You handheld will need a mod, but this seems to be a pretty slick way to incorporate vintage gaming into your compositions. You can find out more about it at Ninstrument.

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