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November 28, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

G Fuel energy drinks want shelf space at GameStop - I want @8oclockCoffee on my shelf

Gamma Labs G Fuel energy drink targeting gamers
Many of us start the day with a cup (or three) of coffee, yet commercialism has taught us that energy comes from energy drinks. As far as I can tell there's no such thing as "natural" food unless you're dining on something you yanked out of your own garden. From farming pesticides to ingredients that are happiest when diagramed on a chemist's white board, there are times when a glass of water sounds devine.

Barraged by ads for mega-super-ninja-energy drinks, I've often wondered what's really in them. Jolt Cola always advertised twice the caffeine - that I understood. Trying to make various chemical compounds household names seems suspicious. The FDA is looking into several energy drinks possibly related to deaths. Hmmmm... you go to a bar and order an alcoholic beverage mixed with Red Bull. Perhaps that gives you wings, but a coronary seems more likely.

So along comes Gamma Labs' G Fuel, catering to gamers, with a deep desire to be sold at GameStop. They've launched quite a social media campaign complete with a catchy slogan (Mission GameStop: More Power to the Players!) and hashtag (#GameStopNeedsGFUEL). I'm not sure I see the connection, but I wonder if the marketing folks at Fruit Of The Loom are aware of all the gamers who may need new underwear after playing ZombieU.

From the Gamma Labs site - It's the only energy drink formulated for gamers by gamers, however it is not available at the world's largest video game retailer... yet.

I'm pretty sure I can get through 20 minutes of Pitfall! with a cup of coffee or a Coke. After all, GameStop doesn't sell Atari either.

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