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May 25, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Memorial Day still commemorates fallen soldiers despite becoming a commercial-sale holiday

Many people seem to forget the origin of our national holidays in the US. These once sacred holiday's have become little more than 3-day weekends of drinking and shopping. Memorial Day is known to most (who've never served in the armed forces) as the kick-off for Summer and a 3 day sales event in which everything from toaster ovens and cars to gas-grills and dildos are marked down in price. Yes, even sex toys get the resonant mark-down treatment.

The ad below appeared in my email and I swear I didn't alter anything on it - not even the Fleshlight neatly tucked into the picnic basket! Memorial Day sale on pocket-pussies from Fleshlight

I have to applaud the NewsHour on PBS as the only news outlet that pays tribute to our military forces who have died in battle. To this day, they still give a moment of silence for our fallen soldiers and list their names and photos.

I'm sure some of you are hoping to save a few bucks this weekend on a new PS3 (I might too). But don't stop there! It's a holiday weekend so everyone is obligated to go shopping so the scumbag credit card companies can gleefully charge you 35% interest on items you can't quite afford. This begs the question: who is more horrible - The Banking or Insurance industry? Tough call these days...

For those of you looking to upgrade your worn out pocket-pussy with a sleek modern day Fleshlight will be delighted to know you can now satisfy your alien fetish with this intergalactic spunk-coaxer. Slip in and enjoy the long weekend.

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