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April 2012 Retro Gaming Article

April 27, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The King teams up with BurgerTime World Tour to raise "Eye Booger" awareness

The King teams up with BurgerTime World Tour to raise Eye Booger awareness Turn those nasty eye-boogers into fashion forward eye-burgers! Playing BurgeTime World Tour isn't merely about reliving the joy of 1982's arcade hit BurgerTime. Nor is eating fast-food hamburgers just a delicious way to experience diarrhea.

These unlikely entities are now promoting awareness of that gross gunk that forms in the corner of one's eyes when extreme yearnings for retro game reboots and crown-adorned burgers come to a head. Burgers. Boogers. Whatever - play hard & eat! Next time you wipe away that ooze don't forget to have a hearty meal and play a retro game.

OK, we made this shit up... The King teams up with BurgerTime World Tour to raise Eye Booger awareness

Last April (yes, in 2011) I saw a press release about MonkeyPaw Games making a reboot of BurgerTime. I was elated - then heard nothing about it. I began to suspect I'd fallen victim to some sort of April Fools gag. "Where the fuck is my BT reboot," I'd scream as I cried myself to sleep after playing BurgerTime on my Data East Arcade Classics disc.

Every few months there was a brief rumble of it's impending release. Throughout last Summer I stressed about it's absence as the heat faded to Fall and finally I had to have some dude plow the snow off my driveway. Then as Valentine's Day drew near my hopes rose that I might really be able to amble around a 3D structure constructing burgers as I lept over & pepper'd contentious condiments.

And so it was to be! I finally had BurgerTime World Tour on my Wii. It didn't seem as slick as the PS3 trailers, but I had mad passion for the idea that BT had been resurrected, rebooted, and made available! I have to say that all the negative reviews pissed me off. I felt as though gamers were perhaps comparing it to modern games as opposed to playing it with the arcade original in mind.

I suggest the nay-sayers check out the arcade version, then play BurgerTime on the Atari 2600 and see if this reboot from MonkeyPaw isn't a nice update that adds a lot of creativity to the original game. This reboot may not be a stellar creation, but it's priced for online download and I say it's a fine addition that brings me back to my passion for retro games. If you want to be pissed about a game, how about the latest $60-wonder that totally sucked. Now THAT pisses me off!

Give it a shot and see if a smattering of arcade-lust doesn't ripple through you :)

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