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December 2, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Brother's last UK-manufactured typewriter leaves the factory for the London Science Museum

It's hard to imagine someone using an electric typewriter these days with the proliferation of computers.

Brother Typewriter Brother, renown for manufacturing typewriters and other products, has make it's last one in it's UK factory, in Wrexham - Nov 2012. One may wonder who's still buying typewriters these days, but rest assured this last relic went to the London Science Museum.

Some folks today may associate a "clickity clack" sound with Thomas the annoyingly polite Tank Engine racing down the tracks in an effort to please Sir Toppham Hat. Others of us think - typewriters.

I learned to type on an IBM Selectric and later pondered it's fast moving "ball" versus other manufacturers favoring the Daisy Wheel. However, when I was a kid, I had the privilege of using my Dad's manual typewriter that would magically ring a bell at the end of each line alerting me to slap the carriage return arm so I could continue my prose on the next line. Those were the days and I was duly impressed when I realized the Selectric automatically returned the carriage - so to speak.
Wii on-screen keyboard
Typewriters may seem as though they belong in the same category as 2400 baud modems, manual-crank car windows and 8-track tapes, but anyone who's sent an e-mail, written a blog or logged into an e-commerce site should sit back and take note that your fancy keyboard full of F keys and features still reads QWERTY the same as any vintage typewriter.

You can't hack a typewriter - in the traditional sense and they don't get viruses. But that simply opens a conversation as to how many Cold War spies garnered info from discarded typewriter ribbons.

Today, a kid's first exposure to a keyboard may likely be a virtual one pushed to the TV via a game console. Type that in your blog and smoke it ;)

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