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April 2012 Retro Gaming Article

April 26, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Not everyone is distressed by Best Buy's recent demise and store closings

Every time I buy anything at Best Buy they ask if I'd like to purchase extra insurance through Best Buy. Even if I'm only buying a used game for $12 they still want to snatch an extra few bucks. I always decline. The ratio of insurance cost -vs- my purchase always seems way out of proportion.
Not everyone is distressed by Best Buy's recent demise and store closings

But prior to declining I always ask, "What happens if you guys go out of business?"

This question is always met with a chuckle, from the clerk, as though I just asked where their complimentary customer-appreciation fondue bar was located.

In my head I reel through the list - Crazy Eddie, Tweeter, Nobody Beats the Wiz, Circuit City, KB Toys, CompUSA.
"Just give it time," I think to myself. So here we are and Best Buy is closing 50 stores. Didn't Borders Books just do the same thing in an effort to stave off the inevitable? Hmmm...

It's always interested me that box-stores of this sort don't adapt to the times. It always seems to take another company to do it better and put the competition out of business. Someone always has the next innovation, but the current stores plod along business as usual. I guess great thinkers don't save the world, they build new ones.

Good luck, Best Buy. Now I really don't want your extra insurance.

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