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June 2012 Retro Gaming Article

June 27, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Happy 40th Birthday Atari! Founded June 27, 1972 by Nolan Bushnell & Ted Dabney #HappyBirthdayAtari

Atari Logo
It's hard to believe that the arcade genius that led to my first gaming console (the Atari 2600) and Chuck E. Cheese is 40 years old today. Of course one has to note the various incarnations and transformations the company went through. Their claim to fame has always been insanely clever arcade games, but most of them are from the company's inception. Atari has become synonymous with beloved games of many of our childhoods. The Atari of today is a much different entity.

Atari's incarnations:
  • Founded 27 June 1972 as Atari, Inc.
  • Split into Atari Corporation and Atari Games in 1984
  • Became Atari Interactive (division of Hasbro Interactive) in 1998
Nolan Bushnell left Atari before the 7800 was came to market and Atari was under new management when the Jaguar made a valiant attempt at a comeback. Regardless of "who owns what" and "who's behind Atari" today - they are arguably the most famous gaming brand of all time, recognized even by those who's first gaming console was a Microsoft product.

Happy 40th Birthday Atari!

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