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October 2012 Retro Gaming Article

October 13, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Adult starlets with culinary prowess & Pop stars who strip. Common denominator = gaming

It's hard not to get hooked on Ariel Rebel. She's smart funny and amazingly personable on her social media accounts, blog and official website. She has a passion for the "Do It Yourself" spirit and has championed PhotoShop, photography, nudity and now culinary prowess on Zesty & Spicy. We wish she'd do more gaming photo shoots ;)

Ariel Rebel's cooking blog - Zesty & Spicy
Adult starlet and award winning solo-girl Ariel Rebel has launched her flair for creativity into a cooking blog. Not the first thing one would expect from one of the leading "girls on the web", but she does everything full-on with no compromise. From random nakedness to delicious recipes... she's just a super chick!
Ariel Rebel playing with an Atari Flashback
We won't allege Ariel is a hardcore gamer, but she mentions gaming on her Twitter feed and has done a few Gaming photo shoots like this Atari Flashback one.

Samantha Fox was an English dance-pop singer, actress, and former glamour model. In 1983, at age of 16, she began her modeling career on Page Three of The Sun, and went on to become a popular pin-up girl. In 1986, she launched her pop music career with her debut single "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)", which became a Number 1 hit in 17 countries. She has since sold over 30 million albums worldwide and has also appeared in a number of films and TV shows.

Samantha Fox on the cover of Strip Poker for Commodore 64
You never know where a career will take you. Pop star Samantha Fox had a string of hit albums, made the cover of several adult magazines and stared (or stripped) in this Commodore 64 Strip Poker game.
a few Samantha Fox album covers
Just a few of Samantha Fox's pop music album covers.

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