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November 2012 Retro Gaming Article

November 4, 2012 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Three degrees of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #TMNT fandom

You can dress the part, be a turtle... and then there's April O'Neil.

Turtle Fashion

TMNT Dress
You'll be the talk of the town when you sport this TMNT dress around the office, at happy hour or just out for a day on the town. Everyone remembers an loves the Turtles even though Michael Bay is doing his best to ruin the franchise with his latest movie which one might describe as being "loosely" based on the Heroes on a half shell. They're not from outer space, dammit!!
TMNT Dress
A TMNT dress might just add the flair you lack.

Turtle Cosplay

TMNT Cosplay
When you get serious enough to want to be a Ninja Turtle, TMNT Cosplay is the way to go.
TMNT Cosplay
It's not about getting your friends together for a bitchin' group Halloween costume. Being a Ninja Turtle is about passion, nunchucks and being heroic. Your average Halloween gala doesn't showcase these characteristics... and it's hard to be a TMNT at a Halloween party when some jerk, dressed as a pirate, badgers you all night for your phone number. He is likely unaware that you are more than capable & willing to crack his skull open TMNT-style!

The other issue about women's Halloween costumes is the description is usually proceeded by the wore, "Sexy". Turtles aren't sexy - they're kick-ass! Sexy costumes are fine, but seem more authentic after you do a back flip and slice someone's head off.

Becoming April O'Neil

Porn star April ONeal
At the higher levels of TMNT fandom are those who's career path takes them into the adult film industry and select a fitting porn star stage name in tribute to Ninja Turtles. Meet porn star April O'Neil! In addition to a passion for the Turtles and Doctor Who, she's a gamer and frequents various Cons. Gotta like a well-rounded lady who does porn and feels at home at a Sci-Fi convention.

Her Amazon wish list is laden with things that elicit the notion she's a very cool gal. Follow April O'Neil on Twitter and check out her Hey It's April web site.
Porn star April ONeal
Porn star April O'Neil - TMNT devotee!

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