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June 2011 Retro Gaming Article

June 3, 2011 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Video Gaming Surpasses Nutrition as Food Pyramid Topples in Favor of Game Plate

Government researchers and Foodies recently determined that nutrition is far less important than previously believed. As American's embrace dietary-disregard with avid passion, research shows that Video Games, Porn and Beer are vital to human existence.

Video Gaming Surpasses Eating as Food Pyramid Topples in Favor of Game Plate No longer do Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein and Dairy play the significant role once thought. Studies show that drunken nudity and digital interaction are far more imperative to the human condition - providing one has enough income to properly feed these dependencies.

Doctors are now instructing patients to embrace Donkey Kong and Missile Command and worry less about scarfing cakes, cookies and pie.

"You only live once," stated renown physician, Andy Bangderhard.

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